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Horn combs have great effects for the user.
1. Using the horn comb is not harmful for the hair
Comb horn itself is manufactured of 100% horn, natural horn (same composition and properties of human hair). Therefore, comb your hair with a horn comb without causing damage to the charge and of the hair cells as the use of comb made of other materials.
A simple experiment that you can verify this: You use two types Combs, a horn comb is two plastic comb to comb the hair is, after brushing your hair done shredded paper on the table and slowly Combs brought closer two pieces of paper, plastic comb immediately the paper will absorb the remaining piece horn Combs does not. This proves, when using the horn comb will cause less friction and less damage to hair than Combs made from other materials.
2. Using the horn comb does not pollute the environment.
Comb horn itself is made of buffalo horn, natural horn, and their main ingredients are organic substances.
So when we let go of the old comb or damage to the environment, they decompose rapidly and act as organic fertilizers.
3. Comb horn aesthetic, and art.
Being a handmade product, so horn combs are designed with beautiful design, rich variety of designs.
Besides horn combs are designed for use in the home, they are a unique gift and meaning to your friends, relatives.
   The practical effect of horn comb has been contributing to the good life for users, contributing to improving the environment, is a product of young love.
06/15/2015 (Admin)